Water Bodies X Catalyst Audio Tracks

Catalyst Arts Belfast

Catalyst Arts Belfast invites you to Our Listening Bath, a special listening event showcasing open call audio works, readings and sounds made in responses to the current exhibition Waterbodies.

This open call for audio works has been organised and curated by artist Jennifer Moore with submissions from artists across Ireland, Northern Ireland and abroad.

Our Listening Bath will take place in the exhibition space of Catalyst Arts between 4pm and 8pm on Saturday September 5th, running throughout the afternoon/evening.

For those who cannot make it to the space, Our Listening Bath will also air as a special radio show journey on both 343 radio and Dublin Digital Radio from 2 - 3pm on Saturday September 5th.

East Side Arts

NOT AN OBJECT BUT A PROCESS East Side Arts Festival, Belfast

Featuring Backyard Lavender, Italia Mania, The Fox Chase, The Forecast, Richard Bailie, Eevit_a, Heart Shaped, and C.C. Palmer.

In response to the interest in gardening that has blossomed this spring and summer, the 343 Radio has programmed a day of shows to highlight and enhance our relationships with plants and the ecosystems of connection around Belfast. Shows ranged from the racial and romantic politics of gardening, weather and water systems, jungle raves, Irish hellscapes, botanical collaborations, and much more.

Languages: English, Italian